Guidelines for selecting right NDT institute for successful career

Presently there are many institutes mushrooming around you for providing training and certification on nondestructive testing-NDT. Selecting a right institute for your career is a challenging task for many of us who wants to choose nondestructive testing as his/her career ( of-course I too faced the similar issue when I am entering into NDT specialization around 16years back). This task is still more confusing for new entrants due to lack of knowledge, guidance to select the right institute and no bench mark system is available atleast for now for easy selection. 

Globally there are wide jobs and opportunities surrounding you in NDT field and this specialization is surely going be a golden leaf in your career. The specialization will make many engineers to have more rewarding career and helps in getting placement a bit easy for most of the present quality controls jobs in India and abroad as well. Currently we have some good job openings for NDT technicians/engineers.  But mere certification without having sufficient training and practical exposure is of no use for the trainees. Recently, I too have observed during conducting interviews for selection of technicians for ndt companies, a few are with certification but they doesn't know even very basics and fundamentals of NDT.  The certified profession may be required to carry the inspection tasks independently and take the decisions on the site without much time delay for decision making as time is the essence during every stage of manufacturing or maintenance/shut down inspection the is being performed by many ndt companies and manufacturing plants.

Fortunately we have some good training training institutes in India and other countries, dedicated to provide genuine training for the participants with a clear motto for producing professionals with sound knowledge on the specific subject. Identifying such institute is a major concern for the participants.

To help the participants in selecting the right institute, here I am briefing some guidelines which may help you.

1. What is the brief outline of each course?
2. Reputation of the institute
3. Class room facilities with modern teaching aids like audio, visual systems, power point presentations for easy grasping the subject ( It is recommended to physically visit and inspect the past training program history, class room, workshops)
4. Practical facilities for the method required to be trained (Visit the institute)
5. Practical test samples availability
6. Trainers teaching capabilites, back ground qualfiications, experience level in practical field ndt and teaching experience.( In my view the trainer should have sound technical knowledge and sufficient practical field ndt exposure to clear all the questions raised by you)
7. No of days for training on theory and practical sessions and examination facilities
8. Suitable conducive environment conditions for quick  and efficient learning
9. Is the institute following the required qualfication and experience requirements for admissions or not?
10. Is the trainer and the staff capable of clarifying the technical points on the spot at the same juncture (As I experience some trainers, stating that if you ask simple technical doubts, they reply " I will tell you after wards or during practical sessions or I will tell you tomorrow or it is not required to know this topic")
11. Review the feed back from the course completed participants
12. Study materials along with hand practice questions with key
13. Accomodation facilities availability at the nearby location to avoid wastage of precision time
14 Visit the institute website collect more data about the programs, schedules, venue, placement assistance and job openings and many more

The above list is not complete and exhaustive. It of the opinion the above points may be considered and more can be added to the list for filtering to arrive at a conclusion. Should you need more assistance contact me.

Hope the posting will help at least as a basic tool for selecting the institute for your success in NDT career. Please send us your feedback to: or call me on +91 99009 29439 to express your views and opinions.

Your suggestions are welcome to make this blog a better place for joyful reading.


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