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Useful information, down loads on Nondestructive testing-Radiography(RT) and Ultrasonic testing(UT)

Excellent resources on Nondestructive testing-NDT for reading and download

1. A useful tutorial on Ultrasonic testing-UT- advanced concepts and applications for personnel interested in Nondestructive testing-NDT: Read the Tutorial

2. A basic reference material for ultrasonic technicians working in NDT: General Information on Ultrasonics - Principles of Testing by Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Measurement: Download

3. 'Conventional Radiography-A few challenging applications': An informative and useful paper for practicing engineers in Radiography(RT) published by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), India is available for Download

4. A review of Nondestructive testing methods and their applicability to powder metallurgy processing published by Hoeganaes Corporation Riverton, New Jersey 08077 USA Download

5. The benefits of Ultrasonic testing-UT in determining pipe corrosion rate, pitting and remaining service life: Download

6. Nondestructive testing method for Metal structures Dow…

Useful paper for personnel in Nondestructive testing-NDT


Trinity NDT now conducts regular NDT training courses at Visakhapatnam (Vizag), India as per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A

Trinity NDT now expands it's NDT inspection services, training and certification services to Visakhapatnam (Vizag), Andhra Pradesh, India. Now the NDT Institute conducts regular Level 1, 2 training courses at Visakhapatnam (Vizag), India as per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A. The company also provides testing/inspection services in Ultrasonic testing-UT, Magnetic particle testing, Dye penetrant testing and other materials testing services all over India.

For more information about training schedules, specific NDT inspection services offering call Mr. B. V. Ramaraju, Manager(Technical) at 09059548801, Mr. Shiva Kumar, Course Director at 09900929439 or visit:

Ultrasonic testing-UT, magnetic particle inspection-MPT of LPG tanks in India - Trinity NDT, India

Trinity NDT, India inspected LPG tanks for integrity and to find out service induced discontinuities in India. All the weld joints of LPG tanks are tested by Ultrasonic testing using normal beam and angle beam as well. The weld joints also tested for surface and subsurface flaw detection using magnetic particle testing-MPT. Tanks are throughly cleaned to remove All the weld joints got accepted as no harmful flaws observed.Testing of tanks is done as a routine in service inspection by the client using nondestructive testing-NDT.

Trinity NDT inspection team is professional in approach with experts having diversified experience to inspect such critical parts for their integrity. Trinity NDT institute for the first time introducing actual inspection case studies exclusively for the candidates attending Level 1, 2 training & certification programs in NDT and welding inspector courses at the institute's training centers all over India.

For additional information about inspection ac…