Monday, May 14, 2012

Course on Emerging NDE Methods for Industrial Applications at Chennai, India

Dates: 15th  &  16th June 2012

Venue: IC & SR Seminar Hall, IITM, Chennai, India

Theme and Course Description

The engineering industries need NDE methods with high sensitivity and Reliability with speed of testing at a lower cost. The NDE has evolved over the years to meet  these demands. The NDE equipments have become smaller, lighter and smarter. The industries with components of complex shapes and newer materials are facing new challenges to adopt to suitable
NDE methods for their applications. They also realize that they have to Employ more than one method to suit to their needs.

In this context, it becomes necessary that the industrial personnel acquire a Comprehensive knowledge of the emerging NDE methods with applications and limitation in order to plan their schedule of inspection during service. Another more important role of NDE is in monitoring plants and  structures During service and throughout the operational life time of the plant. Herein, Industries encounter many problems like accessibility in fabricated and
assembled structures, underground pipeline etc.

Automatic defect detection algorithms will help in reducing the human component in inspection plan.

The course is structured to give extensive information on various emerging NDE methods. The participants will be provided an analytical approach of Various methods so as to facilitate the use of these methods in difficult and Problematic situations. Most of the emerging methods are inherently capable Of providing faster and reliable inspection and more amenable for automation and the knowledge of the methods will help in formulating the strategies for the future.

Topics Covered

1. Introduction NDE and overview of traditional methods
2. Emerging UT Techniques - Phased array, TOFD & Guided wave Testing,      Data acquisition and processing of the data
3. Emerging RT techniques - Digital and Real Time Radiography.
4.Condition monitoring and Thermography
5.Demonstration of selected Equipments and methods - Thermography, phased array UT and Ground Penetrating Radar, Guided wave Testing and Eddy current testing-ECT

Have a quick:  review of the present NDT methods with applications and limitations

Get to know: The improvements in the field of NDE that provide faster, more economical and reliable and sensitive methods

Get a comprehensive knowledge on

Ultrasonic- Data acquisition and signal processing, Phased Array, TOFD, Guided wave testing
 Radiographic- Digital radiography, Real Time Radiographic testing.
 Electromagnetic- Remove and pulsed Eddy Current Testing

Get an insight-  into condition monitoring systems to trace the changes/ Material degradation of in service components, Thermography, Acoustic Emission Testing, Structural Health monitoring etc

Target Audience

Managers and practising engineers involved in design, fabrication, maintenance, failure analysis, NDT etc., in various industries and organizations and research establishments, college teachers and scholars may also benefit from the course


Faculty will be drawn from IITM, Chennai, IGCAR, Kapakkam and experts from reputed industries, institutes and companies
1. Prof.Krishnan Balasubramaniam, IITM
2. Prof. C. V. Krishnamurthi, IITM
3. Dr. T. Jayakumar, IGCAR, Kalpakkam
4. Dr. B. Venkatraman, IGCAR, Kalpakkam,
5. Prof. O. Prabhakar, OPtech, Chennai
6. Dr. Kavitha Arunachalam, IITM
7. Dr. Bruce Maxfield, IITM
8. Mr. G. Jothinathan, IITM, Chennai
Dates: 15th  &  16th June 2012

Venue: IC & SR Seminar Hall, IITM, Chennai, India

For details:

Prof. Krishnan Balasubramaniam
Centre for Non Destructive Evaluation
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai 600036, India

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Level 2 Certification Courses as per ASNT practice SNT TC 1A from 06th June 2012 in India

New Level 2 Certification Courses scheduled from 06th June 2012 at Trinity NDT, II stage, Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore, India as per ASNT practice SNT TC 1A.

The following NDT Level II courses will be covered during the training
1. Ultrasonic Inspection
2. Magnetic particle testing
3. Liquid penetrant testing
4. Radiographic Film Interpretation
5. Visual testing

Interested participants are requested to contact the 'Course Director' on +91 98441 29439 / 99009 29439. Email:

For details just log on to :

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Appreciation for NDT Training by a participant from Damascus, Syria

Trinity NDT offers NDT certification courses with participation across the world. The courses are appreciated by many in terms of quality and effectiveness of training. Trinity NDT always stands in the forefront in providing most effective training courses on Nondestructive testing and Welding Inspection.

A participant's experience with Trinity NDT in his words:

“ I have spent a very beautiful time while carrying out my training at Trinity Institute, I have never had such a wonderful and friendly environment in other place before, I will never forget that great time I had in India, I recommend others to take this chance, not only for education, but also for experiencing new culture”

 - On 04th May 2012 by Mr. Aymen from Damascus, Syria

Join with us, feel the difference and experience the Quality Training with 'Trinity NDT' in India and Nigeria. For details visit: or call +91 98441 29439 / 99009 29439. Email: