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Magnetic particle testing indications using fluorescent magnetic particle equipment

Indications showing magnetic particle indications showing inclusions and seams.

Equipment used: Stationery magnetic particle testing equipment

Powder make: Magnaflux Corporation

Technique: Wet Fluorescent technique

Location of facility: Bangalore, India

Admissions for NDT certification courses commensing on 18th February 2012

Trinity Institute of NDT Technology is leader in organizing and conducting world class nondestructive testing training, welding inspector training courses in India and Nigeria. NDT certification courses new batches commencing on 18th February 2012 at Trinity Institute of NDT Technology, Training center in Peenya Industrial Estate, Bangalore-India.

The certification methods to be organized are Ultrasonic testing(UT), Magnetic Particle testing(MPT), Liquid penetrant testing- PT (Dye penetrant inspection-DPT), Radiographic film Interpretation(RTFI) course and  Visual testing(VT)/inspection courses.

All participants are requested to register for the courses by contacting the ' Course Director' on +91 98441 29439 / 99009 29439 or email your queries to: Log on to : for more information.

Trinity NDT is now suppliers of NDT equipments of Ferrochem Make

Trinity NDT is a supplier of NDT equipments, accessories and consumables in India. Trinity NDT is appointed as Stockist and dealer for 'Ferrochem' make MPT equipments  &  DPT materials.

Ferrochem NDT systems Pvt Ltd is a reputed manufacturer of  MPT powders, pastes, inks, DPT materials, equipments, accessories and consumables since 1977 in India. Many of the MPI chemicals, powers, dye penetrant chemicals and materials  are approved by FIEO, MCCIA, NPCIL, India, ARDE, Pune, BHEL, Thiruchurapalli, Hyderabad, Goindwal, DGAQA, New Delhi, DMRL, Hyderabad, GRSE, Kolkata, GTRE, Bangalore, HEMRL, Pune, NSIC, ICF, Chennai .

For more information, enquiries about supplies, quotes email to : or call 'Sales Manager' on +91 98441 29439, 99009 29439, +91-80-28366466

For more info visit:

Sankranti - An Indian Festival wishes for all


Magnetic particle, Dye penetrant chemicals NDT Equipment for sale

'Trinity NDT' now has launched the facilities for sales, calibration and servicing of all types of NDT equipments, most significantly complete range of Magnetic particle equipments, yokes, stationary machines, consumables, test blocks and dye penetrant materials/chemicals supplies suitable for wide range of applications including  quality control inspection companies related to precision component manufacturing, fabrication weld joints inspections, automobile, pressure vessel, boiler components, aerospace components manufacturing, petroleum refineries and defense establishments.

The following is the brief list of NDT equipments, accessories and consumables available with Trinity NDT in India.
1. Liquid penetrant chemicals
a. Visible, fluorescent dye penetrant chemicals including water washable, solvent removable
b. Cleaners/solvent for liquid penetrant testing applications
c. Hydrophilic and lipophilic emulsifiers
d. Dry, wet developers
2. Equipment for dye/liquid penetrant i…

Workshop on Failure Mode and Effect Analysis in Bangalore, India

In today's competitive market environment, the industry has realized the fact that servicing unreliable products is a very costly proposition. To a large extent, reliability is built into the product during the design and development phase.

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis (FMEA) is an essential ingredient of reliability engineering and is a very powerful and effective technique used for improvement in design, assembly, materials engineering, servicing etc., in a diverse range of manufacturing activities. FMEA can be effectively applied in case of new developments, new technologies and components/assemblies or products which have inherent problems showing up in practice.

'Failure Mode & Effects Analysis' (FMEA) is an “ error prevention” oriented and proactive methodology that tries to pre-empt the occurrence of errors; reduce their significance ( even if they were bou…

Coming Soon International Conferences on NDT

2012 June 11-14, Italy Naples Abstract deadline 15. January 2012 11th Quantitative InfraRed Thermography 2012 Sep 19-21, Austria Wels Abstract deadline 31. January 2012 International Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography Organizer: Research Group Computed Tomography 2012 Jun 18-20, Canada, Toronto Abstract deadline 29. February 2012 4th International CANDU In-service Inspection and NDT in Canada 2012 Conference Organizer: Canadian Institute for NDE (CINDE) 2012 Sep 12-15, Spain, Granada Abstract deadline 15. March 2012 30th European & 7th International Conference on Acoustic Emission Testing Organizer: University of Granada