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FAQ about Ultrasonic UT Level II NDT training courses

 FAQ about Ultrasonic UT Level II NDT training courses 1. Is Ultrasonic testing suitable for all engineering graduates? Of course, the training course fits to any engineering graduate. However, more number of mechanical, metallurgical and civil engineers are aware of these short term courses. This more mechanical engineers are attending. Also, course structure is same for mechanical and civil engineers. Of course, the UT equipment for civil application is different. 2. Which is NDT course is better - Online or offline? Both online andoffline NDT courses are equally effective. Only difference is offline training is continuous whereas, online course has online classes and practical training with a gap in between. If you are an employed person go for online course. However, if you want get into NDT, select offline training which give advantage of physical interaction. 3. Where is your training center located in India? The NDT training center is centrally located at Bengalur

Why you should not choose Online NDT Courses from Online training platforms?

  Online NDT Training without Practical is NOT a right Choice Why you should not choose Online NDT Courses from Online training platforms?   Attention Young engineers. It is trending among youngsters to take online NDT courses from online business platforms. Unlike learning CAD, CAM or any other software course, nondestructive testing courses cannot be learned just by online theory sessions.    It is not just as easy as learning a programming language. NDT needs underlying concepts and principles. Moreover, post class room training the trainee shall do hands-on-practice. Whereas in online platform learning there are NO practical elements at all.  An NDT trainee needs proper certification to get employment. How can a trainee learn something online and do NDT testing? This field has a huge risk factor associated with the decision. Responsibilities are similar to diagnosing a patient at a hospital. NDT inspectors test materials, whereas Doctors diagnose patients. How can someone become a

Advertisement for SRF and PA in IST Lab, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IISc

 Advertisement for SRF and PA in IST Lab, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IISc   IISc Sustainable Transportation Lab. (IST Lab.) of the Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India, is looking to hire staff for following positions, under a new collaborative Joint India-UK Sustainable Transport Systems Centre: - 1. Senior Research Fellow (SRF) – One position Eligibility: - M.E./M-Tech or equivalent degree in Transportation Systems Engineering or equivalent specialization with at least 2 years of post PG experience (meritorious candidates with lesser experience can also be considered for Junior Research Fellow (JRF) position) Desirable: - Experience on topics connected to transport system like, climate change mitigation and adaptation, climate net zero, air quality, electric mobility, Quality of Life etc., will be desirable. 2. Programme Assistant (PA) – One Position Eligibility: - M.B.A. or equivalent degree from a m

Failure analysis of Weld Joints- Case studies, A Technical Talk

 Failure analysis of Weld Joints- Case studies, A Technical Talk Technical talk fro IIW India is scheduled at 1600 hrs on Saturday 10th September 2022 at IIW Bengaluru Branch, Trinity NDT Aspire, Peenya, Bengaluru. Title of my talk is-: Failure analysis of Weld Joints- Case studies   Outline of the talk: The talk will primarily focus on defect investigation of weld failures in aeronautical components . Systematic metallurgical analysis carried out to arrive at the cause of weld failure will be exemplified through number of case studies. Recommendations provided in many of the failure cases will also be covered during the talk.  Entry: Free About Speaker Vaisakhi Nandi obtained her B.E. in Metallurgy from M.S. University, Baroda and M.Tech in Materials Science from IIT Bombay. She joined Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in October 2002 and since then she is working in Central Materials and Processes Laboratory (CMPL) of Foundry & Forge (F&F) Division of HAL, Banga