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Conference on Changing Landscape of Welding: Productivity, Technology, Safety and Sustainability by CII, IIW India in Delhi

 Conference on Changing Landscape of Welding: Productivity, Technology, Safety and Sustainability by CII, IIW India in Delhi   Confederation of IndianIndustry (CII)  in association with  The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India)  and  Association of Welding Products Manufacturers (AWPM)  is organising a Conference on  ‘Changing Landscape of Welding: Productivity, Technology, Safety and Sustainability’ on 7 August, 2024  at Hotel Le Meridien,  New Delh i (Flyer attached) .   As the country progresses  towards Viksit Bharat, the Indian Welding industry has a key role to play. The welding market in India is primarily driven by the growth of various industries such as construction, heavy engineering, and nuclear. Apart from this, the Indian government's focus on infrastructure development, such as the construction of highways and bridges, is catalysing the product demand.    The rising product adoption in the automotive industry in producing various vehicles and parts (includin

Summary of Major Changes in ASNT Recommended Practice SNT TC 1A 2024 edition

  Summary of Major Changes in ASNT Recommended Practice SNT TC 1A 2024 edition Recently ASNT has released 2024 edition of SNT TC 1A - Personnel Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive testing .  Following are the summary of major changes when compared to previous editions 2020. Paragraph 1.5 was removed. Paragraphs 2.1.7 and 2.1.11 were updated to better define the terms “Detection Rate” and “False Call” to ensure their precise application. Paragraphs 2.1.15 and 2.1.18 were revised to further elucidate the term “Predictive Maintenance”. Additionally, to contrast with the term “NDT”, the definition of “ Non-Destructive Testing ” was included in accordance with ASTM E1316. The text in parentheses in paragraph 2.1.21 was amended to read: “This is usually done before any NDT is performed when there are concerns regarding the performance of the NDT or the instrument’s response.” In Table 6.3.1B, interpretations for digital radiography (RD), computed radiography (CR ), and comput

What Causes Pinholes in Welding? Causes and Remedies - A Guide

  What Causes Pinholes in Welding? Causes and Remedies - A Guide Contents Introduction  Understanding the Welding Process   Exploring the Causes of Pinholes  Impact of Pinholes on Weld Quality  Strategies for Prevention and Mitigation    Introduction   In the intricate world of welding, pinholes are a persistent challenge that welders encounter.  These tiny voids, often invisible to the naked eye, can significantly compromise the integrity and quality of a weld.  Understanding what pinholes are and why they need to be addressed is crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and functionality of welded components.  Definition of Pinholes in Welding   Pinholes in welding refer to small voids or discontinuities within the weld metal or at the weld interface.  These voids can vary in size, ranging from microscopic to more visible defects, depending on the welding process and parameters.  Pinholes are typically formed due to gas entrapment, contamination, or improper welding te

Overview on Estimating Weld cost

  Overview on Estimating Weld cost   Contents: Understanding the Basics   Factors Affecting Weld Cost  Methods of Estimation  Best Practices for Accurate Estimation  Case Studies and Examples  Tools and Resources   Introduction   Welding is a fundamental process in numerous industries, ranging from construction and manufacturing to automotive and aerospace.  However, the success of any welding project hinges not only on skillful execution but also on accurate cost estimation.  In this article, we delve into the critical aspect of estimating weld cost, exploring its importance and the myriad factors that influence it.  Understanding the Basics   Weld cost estimation requires a solid grasp of its fundamental concepts, including the definition of weld cost and the various components that comprise it.  Definition of Weld Cost   At its core, weld cost refers to the total expenditure associated with performing a welding operation.  It encompasses all expenses incurred throughout the wel

Preheating of Metals Before Welding - A Guide

    Preheating of Metals Before Welding - A Guide Contents: What is Preheating?  Why Preheating is Essential in Welding?  Factors Affecting Preheat Requirements   Determining the Right Preheat Temperature  Common Challenges and Solutions  Applications of Preheating   Introduction Preheating involves heating the base metal to a specific temperature before welding.  This preparatory step is often overlooked but is essential for certain materials and conditions.  The brief overview of preheating in welding reveals its primary purpose: to reduce the risk of cracking, improve weld quality, and ensure the overall success of the welding operation.  When metals are welded, they undergo rapid heating and cooling, leading to significant thermal stresses.  These stresses can cause cracking, distortion, and other defects if not managed properly.  Preheating helps to mitigate these risks by reducing the thermal gradient between the weld area and the surrounding base metal.  By doing so, it s