Tuesday, September 12, 2017

ASNT Certification holders PCN STATUS Review- News Update

ASNT is currently reviewing all PCN certificate holders that may also hold an ASNT certification. Each one is being rigorously checked and identified to ensure that all experience and training can be verified to ASNT’s high standards. ASNT’s Certification Management Council (CMC) has an Ethics Committee to review any circumstances or allegations that may arise concerning any ASNT certificate holder that is also a PCN certificate holder who may have used his or her PCN certification as any part of justification for experience qualifications. Certificate holder records are being actively reviewed in the most robust way. If ASNT find any certificate holder with questionable qualifications, this will be referred to the ethics committee for review and adjudication.

To respect BINDT’s ownership of their situation, ASNT advises persons interested in updates specifically regarding the BINDT organization to visit http://www.bindt.org/Certification/pcn-news/ for the most current information.

Please know that ASNT is in active communication with BINDT to quickly assess any potential impact to ASNT and stakeholders. We endeavor to be transparent and respect your interest and stake in ASNT certifications.

For questions regarding the security of ASNT’s certifications or ASNT’s response to PCN certification issues, feel free to contact ASNT Executive Director Arny Bereson at abereson@asnt.org or ASNT Chief Technical Officer James Bennett at jbennett@asnt.org.

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