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Radiography Workshop Trichy Thiruchirapalli Tamilnadu India

2nd National Workshop on Applications and Advances of Digital Radiography Technologies, Tiruchirapalli, Tamilnadu, India - 5-6th October 2018

Background and About the Workshop

Radiography, due to its direct imaging capability is considered one of the most powerful Non-Destructive Evaluation methods worldwide for various industrial applications. There has been tre-mendous enhancement in the defect detection and characterisation capability of this method in the past few decades, due to the introduction of smaller sources and advanced digital imaging systems. Applications of Digital Radiography which offer many advantages over film radiography, are growing in various industries. Better throughput of inspection cycles, image processing capabilities of digital radiographs and enhanced work flow are driving the growth of the digital radiography in various industrial sectors. Computerised Tomography as a comprehensive inspection tool has fascinated the industry with regard to its capabilities however is limited to the select few because of cumbersome and time taking process. Advent of affordable computational capabilities and faster acquisition of digital data either form LDA or DDA makes the 2-D and 3-D CT faster. Miniaturisation of X-ray focus size with higher energy along with the better image quality is pro-pelling the 3-D CT technology into a reality for the industry not only for the flaw detection, char-acterisation but also for metrological and manufacturing applications. 3-D CT is now becoming popular not only in the field of industrial inspection but also in many other scientific fields such as geology, life science, materials etc. It will not be a surprise if 3-D CT will take over as the preferred NDE method over the conventional 2-D radiography in coming years.
In recent past there was great enthusiasm in the industry to adopt the digital radiography techniques for better inspection capabilities. The eagerness to explore newer technologies propelled this further. To bridge the gap between the enthusiasm and practical applicability of DR technologies, Digital Working Group of ISNT, in association with Trichy chapter, one of the most active chapters of ISNT, is conducting a two days National Workshop on “Applications and Advances of Digital Radiography Technologies”. The workshop will broadly deal with the basics of Digital Ra-diography Technologies, Image Processing, Standards, Automatic Defect Detection, X-Ray image simulation, Measurement, Application to various industrial sectors, 2D and 3D Tomography and will also cover the practical demonstration of CR, DDA etc.

Objectives of the Workshop

  • To explain the theoretical background of digital radiography and current technologies
  • To explain current standards for Digital radiography systems
  • To explain the digital image and image processing capabilities
  • To explain the digital image quality metrics
  • To recognise the constraints and capabilities of a CR/DR systems
  • To be able to modify the digital image to optimise the defect detection
  • To make aware and orient about the current trends in the field of digital radiography
  • Exchange of know-how and know-why among professional users of Digital Radiography techniques, potential users, researchers, academic, QA personnel, Auditors etc.

Who Can attend and What for?

  • Students aspiring to know about the field and to make a career in this field
  • Service providers for updating regarding current trends for rendering better services
  • Scientists from R & D institutions for knowing current trends, and future perspective
  • Welding and corrosion inspectors for understanding the better inspection capabilities
  • QA and NDE managers for acquiring knowledge to manage better
  • Personnel in engineering, process, aerospace, automobile industries for various applications
  • Inspection and regulatory authorities to keep in pace with the technology

Course Outline

The workshop is intended to provide participants an overall scope of the technologies along with the insight to the industrial applications. Simulation of radiographic images, capabilities of image processing along with Automatic defect recognition will be introduced. This workshop will also cover the topic of the standards of Digital radiography and also touch upon the 2D and 3D CT inspection in regard to the future perspectives. Case study presentations by expert users from various sectors will give the participants an insight about use of these technologies in their applications. Also there will be practical demonstrations the CR, DDA etc. during this program.

  • Industrial Digital Radiography- Past, Present and Future, perspectives of Filmless Radiography, Journey from Film Radiography to Current Trends in Digital Radiography, future challenges and latest developments happening across the globe
  • Digital Imaging and Image Processing Tools and Automatic Defect Recognition
  • Computed Radiography -Principle, Technology, Benefits, Limitations, applications, future scopes
  • Digital Radiography using Digital Detector Array (DDA) -Principle, Technology, Calibration, Benefits, Limitations, latest trends, specific industrial applications and case studies, Measurements from Digital Radiographs (Flaw Characterisation), Calibration, X-Ray Image Simulator, Wall Thickness Measurement, Flaw dimension, Flaw Location
  • Digital Radiography Standards & Image Quality Metrics-ASME & ASTM Standard Practices, Essential Image Quality Parameters
  • Expert Panel Discussion-Digital Technologies in Radiography, are we in the right track
  • Training and certification in Digital Radiography- An overview, Importance of exclusive training in DR and CR and allied advanced topics, Various training schemes, training programs, etc.
  • Application of CR/DR in Aerospace/Defence/Oil & Gas /Energy Industries
  • Computer Tomography (CT) - 2D & 3D Imaging, Basics, Physics, Technology and Benefits
  • Industrial Trends - Analytics/Software-Digital Disruption, Software & big data analytics, Impact on NDT & how the future is happening now
  • Practical Demonstration –CR/DR/RTR/High Energy Radiography etc. Salient features of the workshop
  • Well known speakers from R & D institution/Laboratories
  • Speakers from Industries
  • Industry specific talks on Applications of CR/DR
  • Standards of CR/DR
  • Practical demonstration of CR, DR & High Energy Radiography
For details contact: 
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), Trichy-620014

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