Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Vibration Analysis Concepts - Hand Calculations and FE Analysis ( A hands-on workshop )

Vibration Analysis
Concepts - Hand Calculations and FE Analysis
( A hands-on workshop )

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Venue: Mechanical Engineering Department, IISc, Bangalore     
Date:   16th / 17th February, 2017
  • To instill a deep understanding of basic concepts of vibration to participant design engineers / analysts.
  • To enable participants to appreciate significance understanding of vibration physics.
  • To get a feel for physics based on correlation of hand calculations, FE Analysis and measurements.
  • Interactive workshop, will have lectures by multiple experts with 25 to 40 years of experience.
  • Problems to be solved by participants in the workshop.
    • It is expected that participants will solve all a series of problems by hand calculation within the workshop.  For FE analysis, participants can take it as homework and send the results. Participants are also encouraged to bring their laptops with the FE software of their choice. 
  • Analysis of vibration test data and correlations.
  • Quiz and open house discussions.
  • A test at the end of 2 day session.
Type Participants
Program Schedule (tentative)

16th  Feb 2017
9.00     Registration, networking with tea
9.30     Introduction, context setting
10.00   Introduction to vibrations (terminology & definitions) (equilibrium / Eigen value / propagation problems etc.) Quiz
11.00   TEA Break
11.15   Single and Multiple DoF  Systems, Quiz
13.00   Lunch Break
14.00   Problem Solving (including hand Calculation)
15.00   Introduction to FEM, Harmonic Analysis,
15.45   Modes, mode shape (Eigen vector and Eigen values) and Phase Angle, modal superposition, mass participation etc. Quiz
16.45 TEA Break
17.00  Understanding of the results of FEM and interpretation.
17.15  Problem solving, discussion.
18.15  Assignments – description.

Close of day 1

17th Feb 2017
9.00      Networking with Tea
9.30      Revision
9.40      Introduction to measurement of vibrations and standards (covers condition monitoring, vibration diagnostic charts), FFT, PSD, etc., Quiz
11.30    TEA Break
11.45    Case studies of correlation, and test data analysis
12.10    Introduction to noise, Quiz
13.00    Lunch Break
14.00    Introduction to Transient analysis, random vibrations.
15.00    Problem solving (including hand calculation) – Transient dynamics
15.45    TEA Break
16.00    Hand calculation - FEM comparison
16.45    Test
18.00 -  Close of Workshop

For more information email  or call 7760074245/ 9972304448 / 9900067489 / 080-23323020

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