Friday, November 18, 2016

Ultrasonic, Radiography, Eddy Current, Magnetic particle, Dye Penetrant, Visual Testing Level 2 certifications - Trinity NDT Bangalore India

Ultrasonic Inspection, Radiography testing Xray testing , Eddy Current Inspection, Magnetic particle Inspection, Dye Penetrant testing, Visual Testing Level 2 certifications - Trinity NDT Bangalore India

The Best of NDT Certification is here at our international training center, Trinity NDT, Bangalore India. The courses we offer are considered as the filled with theory, practicals, examination to certify to level II. We trained people from mechanical engineering, civil engineers as these short term courses are considered by the employers to select the right candidates to their QA QC Quality Control departments. At Trinity NDT we ensure you take the most for what has been paid for and it is assured that your will be a professional that can handle the NDT inspection independently. Today we have participation from more than 42 countries across the world. We are committed to deliver the top industry knowledge and that can make you a more practical man when you enter your profession. It is just more that training what we provide here at Trinity Institute of NDT Technology. Courses on NDT Level II: Ultrasonic Inspection, Radiography xray testing Inspection, Eddy Current Inspection, Magnetic particle inspection, Dye Penetrant FPI testing Aerospace, Visual Testing Level 2 certifications.

Read review by our satisfied clients and professional that are being engaged in their profession after their NDT certification training with us. Our NDT Laboratories and workshops are fully equipped with latest ndt equipments and NDT procedures. Come join us and feel the best of NDT training. See more update at our NDT Laboratory at our facebook page:

The next NDT Certification courses are commencing on 14th December. For registration contact us on 98441 29439 / 9141339994.

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