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Pipeline Integrity & Corrosion Management training program in New Delhi

Two days Training Program on "Pipeline Integrity & Corrosion Management" in New Delhi on 4-5th December (2015)

It will provide an ideal opportunity to learn technical as well as practical knowledge from our faculty Dr. G. H. Thanki a highly renowned in the Chemical & Process Industry with more than 40 years of experience in Pipeline Integrity, Corrosion Control Management, Corrosion testing and Monitoring, Cathodic Protection, Cooling Water Management, Plant Corrosion Inspection and Failure Analysis. The detailed structure, theme topics and faculty profile has been mentioned below.
Theme Topics & Structure of the Program
Session 1: Corrosion Control for Buried Pipelines
Corrosion in pipeline, Identifying the problem, causes of corrosion, the corrosion survey, basic mechanism, protection by coatings and tapes, Cathodic protection, Backfill, maintenance, checklist.
Session 2: Use of Corrosion Monitoring in Pipeline Integrity
Pipeline corrosion monitoring, internal & external corrosion, coating surveys, protective coatings, corrosion control, CP effectiveness by pipe-to-soil potential, Lateral Close Order Potential Survey, corrosion detection by a combination of DCVG and CIPL survey.
Session 3: Integrity Management Solutions for Offshore Pipeline Corrosion
Corrosion of offshore oil and gas pipelines, Internal corrosion as a main factor, deep water conditions, offshore environment, feedback cycle, vortex-induced vibration, intelligent pigging, slugging, stratified, and misting flows, corrosion monitoring methods in shallow versus deep and ultra-deep waters, corrosion key performance indicators.
Session 4: Internal Corrosion Measurement Enhances Pipeline Integrity
Estimate corrosion in pipelines, various techniques, corrosion rate models, side-stream monitoring system, Pitting Rates, Bacteria as the most important corroding species, Corrosion under sediment, Ship unloading line, Products pipeline.
Session 5: Under Insulation Corrosion of Pipelines
CUI, Insulation System Dynamics, maintenance costs, Areas & systems susceptible to CUI, API 570, flow element, tap locations, horizontal pipes, Methods to Inspect Corrosion under Insulation, Maintenance-free Coating Systems, Nano technology Solution to CUI, Case Study.
Session 6: Internal Corrosion Control in Multiphase Oil and Gas Pipelines
Multiphase corrosion, Corrosion rate determining parameters, ‘worst case’ corrosion, corrosion with protective film, localized corrosion, prediction models, bottom of the line corrosion, top of the line corrosion, reducing materials loss in multiphase pipelines, apply inhibitors, apply hydrate preventers, reduce water wetting, increase the pH, reduce CO2 pressure, avoid flaw distribution, Pipeline material selection & CRAs, cost comparisons, Corrosion Inhibitors, inhibitor distribution along the pipeline.
Session 7: Coatings/ Cathodic Protection for Underground Pipelines
Application of Coating, Cathodic protection, Minimum Concentrations of Oxygen and Water to Start Corrosion, Adhesion, Cohesion and CP, Influence of surface preparation, Adhesion of Coating In Wet Condition, Cohesive strength, CP-Coating Corrosion Control System.
Session 8: Corrosion at Pipe Supports- Causes and Solutions
Pipe supports and clamps, various types, Metal Loss, Types of Metal Loss, Assessing Future Pipeline Condition, Corrosion At Pipe Supports, Typical I-Beam Pipe Support, Saddle Clamps, Rubber Pads and Liners, corrosion mechanisms, Preventive measures, CC-L: CC-M: CC-H.
Session 9: Case Studies & Trouble Shooting
This lecture will address certain case studies, actually carried out by Corrosion & Integrity experts. All the participants are welcome to come along with their legitimate detailed query regarding any technical issue/problems faced by them to discuss during the course of lecture period.
All the participants are free to discuss about the corrosion related problems they are facing in their companies with our faculty to get free specialist advices.
Who should attend
The course outline is designed for professionals engaged indesign, installation, monitoring, testing, commissioning, inspection, maintenance and corrosion control of pipelines from
- Pipeline Industry
- Offshore & Onshore
- Refineries for the product pipelines
- Infrastructure and Construction Companies
- Design & Engineering companies
- Corrosion professionals
- Cathodic Protection
- Pipeline Coating
- Corrosion Related Product suppliers
- Integrity & HSE professionals
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