Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cracks detection in forgings by Magnetic particle testing-MPT

'Trinity NDT' tested an important and critical forging component to be assembled in hi-speed trains. The forging is subjected to magnetic particle testing-MPT by Fluorescent continuous testing technique. The components contains single large circumferential crack of approx. 90mm length(as shown and marked in the above image). The crack depth is analyzed by ultrasonic testing-UT and found to be around 20mm.

About 'Trinity NDT'

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ASNT Level III consultancy services in India

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* Method/technique selection and applications
* Written Practice/techniques as per specific requirements development and
* Quality Inspection plan formulation
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* Third Party Client Representation
* NDT and Technical Reporting
* National / international Codes and Specifications interpretation
* Level III trainer services

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