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ASM / ASTM / ASME Books on Mechanical & Corrosion Engineering

 ASM / ASTM / ASME  Books on Mechanical & Corrosion Engineering
1.ASM Handbook Volume 08 : Mechanical Testing and Evaluation

By Howard Kuhn

Hard Cover, Pages: 1000

About this book

Complete new revision of ASM's standard reference book on the mechanical characteristics and testing of metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.

KEY FEATURES: Describes the basics of mechanical behavior with in-depth coverage on testing methods for metals, plastics, ceramics and composites. Articles describe the purpose, equipment, fixturing, data evaluation, and typical applications for standard and emerging mechanical tests. Comparative mechanical properties and the mechanical characteristics of metals, plastics, and ceramics are included throughout for general reference. Updated references to ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, JIS and other standards are also included throughout for metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites.

DESCRIPTION: This newly revised and comprehensive ASM Handbook contains over 50 all-new articles plus newly revised updates on standard test methods for tensile, compressive, shear, hardness, creep, fatigue, and fracture-toughness properties. Expanded coverage also includes new articles on surface wear testing, adhesion testing, nanomechanical testing, Hopkinson bar techniques, dynamic indentation testing, fatigue testing, residual-stress measurements, and extensive new coverage on the mechanical testing of engineering components such as gears, bearings, fasteners, adhesive-bonded joints, piping, and welds.


Policy on Units of Measure
Authors and Contributors

Section 1 : Introduction to Mechanical Testing and Evaluation
Introduction to The Mechanical Behavior of Metals
Introduction to The Mechanical Behavior of Nonmetallic Materials
Mechanical Testing of Polymers and Ceramics
Overview of Mechanical Properties and Testing for Design
Mechanical Testing for Metalworking Processes
Testing Machines and Strain Sensors
Accreditation of Mechanical Testing Laboratories

Section 2 : Tension, Compression, Bend, and Shear Testing
Mechanical Behavior Under Tensile and Compressive Loads
Stress-Strain Behavior in Bending
Fundamental Aspects of Torsional Loading
Uniaxial Tension Testing
Uniaxial Compression Testing
Hot Tension and Compression Testing
Tension and Compression Testing at Low Temperatures
Bend testing
Shear, Torsion, and Multiaxial Testing

Section 3 : Hardness Testing
Introduction to Hardness Testing
Macroindentation Hardness Testing
Microindentation Hardness Testing
Instrumented Indentation Testing
Indentation Hardness Testing of Ceramics
Miscellaneous Hardness Tests
Selection and Industrial Applications of Hardness Tests
Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility in Hardness Testing
Hardness Conversion for Steels

Section 4 : Friction, Wear, and Surface Testing
Introduction to Adhesion, Friction, and Wear Testing
Adhesion Testing
Testing Methods for Solid Friction
Scratch Testing
Abrasive Wear Testing
Solid Particle Erosive Wear Testing
Sliding Contact Damage Testing

Section 5 : Creep and Stress-Relaxation Testing
Introduction to Creep and Stress-Relaxation Testing
Creep Deformation of Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, and Composites
Creep and Creep-Rupture Testing
Assessment and Use of Creep-Rupture Properties
Stress Relaxation Testing
Influence of Multiaxial Stresses on Creep and Creep Rupture of Tubular Components
Superplastic Deformation at Elevated Temperatures

Section 6 : High-Strain Rate Testing
Introduction to High Strain Rate Testing
High Strain Rate Tension and Compression Tests
High Strain Rate Shear Testing
Classic Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Testing
Recovery Hopkinson Pressure Bar Techniques
Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Testing of Soft Materials
Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar Testing of Ceramics
Torsional Kolsky Bar Testing
Triaxial Hopkinson Techniques
Dynamic Indentation Testing
Shock Wave Testing of Ductile Materials
Low Velocity Impact Testing

Section 7 : Impact Toughness Testing and Fracture Mechanics
Fracture Toughness and Fracture Mechanics
Fracture Toughness Testing
Creep Crack Growth Testing
Impact Toughness Testing
Evaluation of Environmentally Assisted Crack Growth
Fracture Resistance Testing of Plastics
Fracture Toughness of Ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Composites
Fracture Resistance Testing of Brittle Solids

Section 8 : Fatigue Testing
Fatigue and Fracture Mechanism
Fatigue, Creep Fatigue, and Thermomechanical Fatigue Life Testing
Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing
Fretting Fatigue Testing
Fatigue Crack Growth Testing
Fatigue Testing and Behavior of Plastics
Fatigue Testing of Brittle Solids
Multiaxial Fatigue Testing

Section 9 : Component Testing
Introduction to Mechanical Testing of Components
Testing for Deformation Modeling
Mechanical Testing of Threaded Fasteners and Bolted Joints
Testing of Adhesive Joints
Mechanical Testing of Welded Joints
Testing of Bearings
Mechanical Testing of Gears
Testing of Pressure Vessels, Piping, and Tubing
Residual Stress Measurements
Mechanical Testing of Fiber Reinforced Composites

Section 10 : Reference Information
Property Comparison Tables : Hardness and Tensile Properties
Glossary of Terms

Metric Conversion Guide
Abbreviations and Symbols

2.Corrosion Engineering Handbook, Second Edition - 3 Volume Set

By Philip A. Schweitzer, P.E.

1400 Pages | 100 B/W Illustrations

Table of Contents

FUNDAMENTALS OF METALLIC CORROSION: ATMOSPHERIC AND MEDIA CORROSION OF METALS Fundamentals of Metallic Corrosion  Atmospheric Corrosion  Corrosion of Carbon and Low-Alloy Steels  Corrosion of Cast Iron and Cast Steel  Introduction to Stainless Steel  Corrosion of Stainless Steels  Ferritic Stainless Steel Family  Superferritic Stainless Steel Family  Martensitic Stainless Steel Family  Austenitic Stainless Steel Family  Superaustenitic Family of Stainless Steel  Duplex Stainless Steel Family  Precipitation-Hardening Stainless Steel Family  Cast Stainless Steel Alloys  Nickel and High-Nickel Alloys  Cast Nickel and Nickel-Based Alloys  Comparative Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel and High-Nickel Alloys  Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys  Titanium  Tantalum  Zirconium  Zinc and Zinc Alloys  Niobium (Columbian) and Niobium Alloys  Lead and Lead Alloys  Magnesium Alloys  Comparative Corrosion Resistance of Nonferrous Metals and Alloys  Index 
Introduction to Polymers
  Thermoplastic Polymers  Thermoset Polymers  Comparative Corrosion Resistance of Thermoplastic and Thermoset Polymers  Elastomers  Comparative Corrosion Resistance of Selected Elastomers  Index 
Chemical Resistant Mortars, Grouts, and Monolithic Surfacings
  Cathodic Protection  Corrosion Inhibitors  Liquid-Applied Linings  Comparative Resistance of Organic Linings  Sheet Linings  Coatings  Specific Organic Coatings  Cementitious Coatings  Coatings for Concrete  Corrosion Monitoring 
*Most chapters contain Reference sections

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