Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Workshop on “ Refrigeration Engineering & Cold storage “

Solar Agriculture institute of India in association with The Institute of Engineers (India) and Visvesvaraya Technological Institute  is Organising  Workshop on “ Refrigeration Engineering & Cold storage “  
on 4th June 2014,  2-00 pm to 5-00 pm at The Institute of Engineers (India),  Dr. B.R.Amedkar Veedhi, Bangalore 560001.

Primer on COLD STORAGES- Coming new Growth sector in India A Workshop for Agro-business Owners, managers and Farmers addressing drastic need for reducing waste using Cold-Storages with Off Grid Solar PV Power and other applications including Fisheries, Fruits, Vegetables and Greens. Govt of India offers Various promotional subsidies for developing Cold Storages Introducer : Mr.Prasanth Sakhamuri, Director, HHV Solar, Dabaspet, First Member of the Advisory Board to the SAII.

Speakers :
Shri. Srikanth N Seelin, Founder & Chairman, SAII Bangalore, India & Santa Clara Calif. USA *President, Seelink Technologies, USA Advisor to Universal Semiconductor InC., and Consultant to Silicon Valley firms

Shri Dhiren Mody, Phoenix, Arizona, USA * Instructor to Engrs. @ ASHRAE Principal ERS InC., HVAC,Refrigeration and Cold-Storage expert of 40+ years.

Dr.C B Jagannatha Rao, DSc.(Agri)-Tokyo, Co-founder SAII India- Former senior UN officer and Advisor to 23 countries, international Agriculturist Recognized Silk expert and promoter of Hydroponics, Precision-Farming
While a few Cold Storages have already made a big entry into India with various Collaborations from Europe etc …. These are a few and far in between. India loses an estimated Rs.90,000+ Crore rupees annually in wasted grains, fruits and vegetables and a vast amount in fisheries due to mere lack of cold-storage facilities along the
coastal regions of India. Cold storage involves far more than storing products and items at a Low temperature. It needs pre-processing and this varies item by item.

Pioneering learning opportunity for Agro-Biz Park Owners; Engineers, Academia State Govt,.MSME, SME & Solar PV Industrialists seeking new growth opportunities.

For Registration please Contact: Dr. C.B.Jagannatha Rao, 9844084038, or

Mr. Srinivasa, 9916533275 , Email: agrisolar123@gmail.com or info@agrisolar.in

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