Monday, March 18, 2013

Comparision between LED based UV light & Conventional UV lights for NDT Inspections

Certainly there is an increasing demand for LED Based Ultraviolet Lights (UV) when compared to conventional UV Lights used in Nondestructive tests. It is worth to understand the advantage one over the other before ordering from the NDT Equipment Suppliers.
Comparison between LED based UV light & Conventional UV lights for NDT Inspections in Liquid Penetrant & Magnetic Particle Inspections.

LED Based UV Light
Conventional UV Light

Average rated life
15000-20000 Hrs
2000-2500 Hrs
At least 10 times better life
Power consumption
7.5 Watt/Hr
Energy saving
Operating voltage
12-18V AC/DC
230V AC
Energy saving
UV output at 15" from lens
5300 µW/cm²
5200 µW/cm²
Better intensity
Intensity reduction
Drops on 8-10% over the entire life of LED
Reduces substantially as per uses & at every Switch ON-OFF
Much better life
Time Needed to reach full intensity
Within a second
Wait for 15-20 minutes
Minimises production loss
0.7 Kg
2.5 Kg
Easy to handle
Heat Generation
High heat generated
Operator Friendly (Specially in Hot summer days)
Risk Due to UV Radiation
No risk since it emits only UV-A radiation
Also emits UV-B radiation (That is why filter needed)
Safe for Human Being
Environment Friendly
Does not contain Mercury
Contains Mercury
Safe for environvement
Focussed Rays
More sensitive to minute cracks & no irriatation on eyes
Does not have this advantage
Increased sensitivity & operator friendly
Comfort Level for operator
Increased comfort due to negligible heat ,more focused rays & lesser weight
Does not have this advantage
More operator friendly
Flickering (Due to high Voltage variation in Forging units/Press Shop)
No Flickring
Light goes off momentary
Better life & inspection does not hamper
When bought near Coil Field
Does not get switched off
Light goes off momentary
Increased productivity
Long Life & Cost Saving
Long life of LED,No Filters & Bulb used
Frequent replacement of UV Bulb & Filters
Cost Saving
Increased Life of UV Light
Life can be increased further & power can be saved only when it is required to switch on the light
It is recommended to Swich ON continuosly for the entire shift, if the inspection to done since each time switching ON -OFF the light reduces its life by 2-3 Hrs.
Increased life & energy saving
Battery Operated
Can also run on battery with very small investment
High investment needed for battery operated
Cost Saving
Effect of Water & Oil
Having no effect if the water falls on light
Very likely changes of breakage of Filters & bulb (Since these are hot while in operation)
Cost Saving
Spares availability
Easily available
Not easily available since these need to be imported
Cost Saving

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