Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Trinity NDT is now suppliers of NDT equipments of Ferrochem Make

Trinity NDT is a supplier of NDT equipments, accessories and consumables in India. Trinity NDT is appointed as Stockist and dealer for 'Ferrochem' make MPT equipments  &  DPT materials.

Ferrochem NDT systems Pvt Ltd is a reputed manufacturer of  MPT powders, pastes, inks, DPT materials, equipments, accessories and consumables since 1977 in India. Many of the MPI chemicals, powers, dye penetrant chemicals and materials  are approved by FIEO, MCCIA, NPCIL, India, ARDE, Pune, BHEL, Thiruchurapalli, Hyderabad, Goindwal, DGAQA, New Delhi, DMRL, Hyderabad, GRSE, Kolkata, GTRE, Bangalore, HEMRL, Pune, NSIC, ICF, Chennai .

For more information, enquiries about supplies, quotes email to : sales@trinityndt.com or call 'Sales Manager' on +91 98441 29439, 99009 29439, +91-80-28366466

For more info visit: www.trinityndt.com

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