Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Want To Contribute To A Sustainable Future?


·        * Save fuel by carpooling, using public transport, walking or cycling for short distances.

·        *  One litre of petrol emits 2.325 kg of co2 in the atmosphere.

·        * Save electricity by switching off the appliances when not in use.

·         * One unit of electricity usage emits 0.82 kg of co2 in the atmosphere.

·         * Never leave any appliance on stand by mode

·         * Even in sand by mode, an electrical appliance consume 20% of total electricity

·         * Always use a mug for brushing your teeth

·         * A tap has a flow rate of 2.83 ltrs/min 

·         * Make rough note books from single side printed sheets and unused paper at your home

·         * It takes 17 full grown trees to make 1 ton of paper

·         * Collect kitchen water in a container. Use the water for cleaning your home, vehicles, watering of plants and feeding the birds in summer

·         * Use bags made from cloth.

·         * Before throwing away any item, pause and think if it be used by someone else. DONATE.


·         Recycle all your paper and plastic

·         Recycling of plastic saves 2.5 kg of co2 per plastic

·         Drop your old mobile phones, batteries, at authorized recycling centres

·         Use stationary items made from recycled or hand made paper

·         Using 1 kg of recycled paper, saves 0.95 kg of co2

·         Recycled paper uses 55% less water for production.

Understand and then SOLVE!

* Carbon dioxide is a kind of a Green House Gas which has the ability to trap heat. Carbon dioxide levels and the earth’s temperature are therefore directly linked to each other.

* As CO2 emissions rises, the temperature of the earth increase and earth becomes hot leading to an irregular change in the climate.

Let us contribute our sincere efforts together to save water for future!