Saturday, June 30, 2018

Advanced Welding Technology Coimbatore Tamilnadu India - Seminar

Seminar on Advanced Welding technology program on 13th July 2018 at Hotel CAG Pride, Coimbatore

About Kemppi:

Kemppi is a company dedicated to welding excellence. They offering includes welding solutions- intelligent equipment, welding management software and expert services – for both demanding industrial applications and ready-to-weld needs. In its 70 years of operation, Kemppi has introduced many new innovations to the market, pioneering the development of both welding technology and productive welding solutions. Kemppi shows the value it places on ensuring that customers can enjoy welding both during the work and when viewing the results.

Welding plays a key role in every manufacturing process in a wide range of industries. To sustain in the global competition, industries are looking for enhancing the quality of their product. Kemppi India, decided to share their knowledge & welding solutions to the industry that make you win business. This seminar will give idea about the advanced technology levels of welding equipment, challenges in welding of nickel base alloys & cobalt base alloys, challenges in repair welding of castings & the total welding management system is designed to meet the increasing demands of better quality and higher productivity. As the first in the world, total welding management system covers each step of the welding production process from project configuration to final reporting down to every meaningful detail. Welding data is collected digitally in real time into a cloud service. Perfectly suited for multisite production administration, total welding management system grants you the possibility to know who welded what, where and with which qualifications, parameters and fillers - regardless of your location

Topics to be discussed:

1. Challenges in welding of Inconel and Stellite alloys
2. Total welding management system
3. Challenges in repair welding of castings
4. Reduced gap technology that challenges conventional joint deign principles

Who should attend this seminar?

Welding & quality engineering professionals, academicians, directors, CEO’s, Operations head, Managers and all stake holders of manufacturing industries

Date & time: 13th July-2018 (09:30am to 1:30 pm)

Hotel CAG Pride
312,  Bharathiyar road, Coimbatore - 641 044, Tamil nadu,

For further details:
Mr. Sritharanandh
Solution engineer
Kemppi india
mob: +91-7338744510

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