Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Eddy Current testing - Quality Inspection Services at Trinity NDT

 Trinity NDT, Bangalore, India has updated its Website as a part of continuous improvement for better customer service. Recently added complete new updated page for Eddy current testing and training, certifications on ET Level I, II. Trinity NDT has the latest equipments on ET capable of detecting flaws, materials sorting using eddy current principle, non conductive coating thickness measurement and other quality control and engineering applications. Log on to read more on our Eddy current testing facilities with Trinity NDT at our webpage:

In Eddy current testing or electromagnetic induction tests, the test object is place in the varying magnetic field of a coil or an array of conductor carrying A. C current. Ac current induces magnetic filed which is constantly varying in both polarity and amplitude every faction of a second. Varying current induced magnetic field which also varies according to the frequency of alternating current. This varying magnetic field induces current in the adjacent conductor which opposes the primary current causing it according to Lenz's Law. This opposing current in turn cancels the primary current that depends on the characteristics of materials being tested. The currents which are swirling like pattern are called Eddy currents. Read more about applications of Eddy current testing at:

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