Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seminar on Advances in Manufacturing Sciences, Technology on 22-24th September 2011, Bangalore, India

The seminar brings together experts from Industries, government, defence, academia, research and end users to examine and discuss new advances in manufacturing sciences and technology that would have maximum impact on end-user industry such as, Aerospace, Automobile, Power sector, Etc.,

In the present global economic scenario, advances in manufacturing sciences and technology are expected to contribute significantly to global economic revival and its sustainability. Keeping this in mind as well as the interests of researchers and the industry, the Bangalore chapter of Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) is organizing a two-day seminar and one day tech mart session entitled ‘Advances in Manufacturing Sciences and Technology’. This seminar provides a forum, where in researchers, metallurgical industry representatives, equipment manufacturers and end-users can meet and discover current trends and future opportunities in the manufacturing sciences and technology.

Some of the proposed speakers are the captains of industry and R& D establishments

The Objectives of the seminar are

• To provide a forum to facilitate interaction between the R&D and industry experts together with the captains of industry and metallurgical equipment manufacturers.
• To disseminate current state of art practices and learn about the future trends in the
industry which would make it complete in the future.
• To identify potential research and opportunity areas for researchers and industry.
• To learn about how the Indian companies are standing up to the global challenges of
• To network for better future benefits

Tech mart Sessions

A limited number of 30 minute sessions are available for manufacturers to make product presentations on 241h September 2011. This is a rare opportunity for manufacturers to make presentations about their equipments, processes and capabilities to a large gathering of leaders and decision makers of the Indian industry, senior executives from PSUs,
Government factories, Defence establishments, R&D Establishments and Entrepreneurs from all over India who are potential takers of the technology and exhibits.

Who should participate?

From professional organizations – Engineers, Scientists and researchers from R&D
Organizations, Defence establishments, Research laboratories and Industry.

From academic institutions: Researchers, faculty members and Students.

Entrepreneurs, Engineers and Managers of Industrial enterprises.


The Indian Institute of Metal -Bangalore Chapter and American Society of Metals - ASM International- Bangalore chapter (Co-sponsor). The Indian Institute of Metals was conceived in 1945 and currently the membership exceeds 10,000. Some of the nation's best metallurgists and materials engineers have been associated with IIM in various capacities. The Bangalore Chapter is one of the 52 chapters of the IIM.

The Bangalore chapter of IIM, organizes the prestigious Professor Brahm Prakash Memorial and Diamond Jubilee Lecturers, which are delivered by the leaders in the field of metallurgy and materials and which are well received by the metallurgical and the materials community.


Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Tumkur Road, Bangalore, India