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Weld India 2015, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, India

Weld India 2015, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, India

                                                            10 - 12 December 2015
                                          CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
                                                                  Mumbai, India

The Indian Institute of Welding (IIW-India) presents WELD INDIA 2015 , the 10th International Welding Technology Exhibition covering Arc Welding, Solid State Process, Brazing, Soldering, Adhesive Bonding, Plastic Welding, Metallurgy, Materials Testing including NDT, Health & Safety, Robotics & Automation, Beam Processes & Special Processes like Nano Joining and other allied fields, to be held during 10 to 12 December 2015 at the CIDCO Exhibition Centre, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, India.

The exhibition is being held concurrent to the National Welding Seminar (NWS) of the Indian Institute of Welding. 

Around 120 high profile exhibitors from across the globe and over 10,000+ industry visitors are expected at WELD INDIA 2015 Exhibition.

We invite you to be at WELD INDIA2015, Mumbai...and reap the benefits… !!! 


“National Welding Seminar” - the flagship event of Indian Institute of Welding is scheduled from
Wednesday 9th December to Friday 11th December, 2015. The seminar will be held in the new spacious Conference centre attached to the CIDCO Exhibition Centre at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. 

The theme of this National Welding Seminar is “ Advances in Joining And Surfacing Technologies” and it will have papers on a wide range of topics for the welding personnel across the spectrum, covering the Metallurgical, Mechanical, Electro-Technological aspects of Welding, NDT, Automation, Processes, Power Sources and the Environment. Besides Hard Core Welding Technology, the topics will also include Mathematical Modeling, Computer Aided Welding Engineering, Human Resources and Safety, Cost & Economics of Welding.

This seminar will be very useful - to learn/ refresh about Welding Technology, to renew existing contacts, to establish new ones and to meet old friends. The inaugural session with the awards ceremony, keynote, plenary lectures and cultural program will be held in the 750 seat auditorium on 9th December. Over the next two days, around 125 technical papers will be presented in three parallel sessions. A souvenir will be printed with abstracts of all papers and the proceedings of the seminar will be provided on a CD.

» 10th Exhibition in the Weld India series
» Weld India in Mumbai after a gap of 6 years
» Focused Campaign to bring in Qualified Trade Visitors
» 3-day International Exhibition on Welding Technology and Allied Areas
» Organised by The Indian Institute of Welding
» Being held in Mumbai’s most modern state-of-the-art Exhibition Centre
» WELD INDIA2015 will feature 120 Exhibitors and 10,000 Trade Visitors
» Held Concurrent to National Welding Seminar 2015 (NWS 2015)

Weld India 2015 - India's Premier Welding and Allied Technology Exhibition in India

  • Welding is now the universally accepted method of permanently joining all metals. In some  respects, it might be considered a mature industry but it is still a growing industry. The true impact of welding on the metalworking industry should be measured in the value of the parts produced by welding, the amount of money saved by the use of welding over other metal fabrication processes, and in the value of products made possible by welding.
  • Being the most economical and effective method of joining metals, welding plays a vital role in improving the life of manufactured products. Welding is the only method that can be used in space as well as underwater. The global market of welding industry is expected to grow substantially.
  • With the increased application of robotics in welding industries, the robot welding segment is predicted to witness double digit growth in the near future. Welding is used in more
    and more industries, from the tallest skyscraper to the automotive industry. Typically, welding involves human judgment, more so than in any other machine operation.
  • The Indian Welding Industry is set to triple its turnover in the next five years owing to the emerging technologies and the availability of manpower plus trained personnel in India. A key driver boosting market revenues has also been the gradual move from manual to automatic and semi-automatic welding equipment.
  • Afew years back, India did not have a capability to weld or manufacture structures like pressure vessels but today, India has a steady flow of talent and welding fraternity that can undertake jobs of all capacities and manufacture intricate welded components, which are internationally acceptable. This has enabled India in securing work from the overseas market and putting India poised to serve the global markets!
  • With more projects like metros rapidly becoming the norm even in Tier 2 & 3 cities, more ships being built and infrastructural development growing across the country leading to an increase in domestic steel consumption. This growth is expected to reflect in the welding industry as well.
  • India is poised to become a major manufacturing hub because of the relatively low cost of production compared to countries like Malaysia and Singapore.
  • By participating in WELD INDIA 2015 Exhibition, you will be making your presence felt in the rapidly expanding Indian industry.
  • WELD INDIA 2015 is your GATEWAY to participation in India's future...
  • We invite you to exhibit @ Weld India 2015 and reap the benefits. 
The 10th Weld India series of exhibition organised by The Indian Institute of Welding, Weld India 2015 Exhibition is scheduled to take place in Mumbai's industrial hub Navi Mumbai. The exhibition centre is in close proximity to the industrial hubs of CBD Belapur, Taloja, Panvel and easily  accessible by road and rail from the city centre and the nearby industrial hubs of Pune and Baroda.

Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. It is also one of the world's top ten centres of commerce in terms of global financial flow, generating 6.16% of India's GDPand accounting for 25% of industrial output.

For More Details: The Indian Institute of Welding IIW India House
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                               200, Kalikapur Main Road
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