Sunday, January 5, 2014

Magnetic particle inspection - Aerospace MPI testing at Trinity NDT, Bangalore, India

Magnetic particle tests are vital for incoming raw materials that checks for quality and can eliminate the defective ones at earlier stages of manufacturing. Most common steels can be subjected to magnetic particle inspection using electromagnetic yokes, prods, stationery type MPI equipments with circular and longitudinal magnetization testing techniques. MPI tests can eliminate the materials with surface and subsurface flaws. Depth of detecting varies based on magnetic permeability, testing techniques, current used, part geometry, size and other factors. Ideally Magnetic particle inspection-MPI testing techniques can detect flaws up to 0.6" in depth. This NDT method can detect flaws on coated or painted engineering components. Common specifications on magnetic particle testing allows conductive coatings up to 0.1 mm. However maximum thickness of coatings have to be checked with customer specifications or NDT procedures.

NDT laboratory at Trinity NDT in Bangalore, India is facilitated with Stationery type MPI equipments with Contact headshot, central conductor, coil shot techniques that meets the Aerospace NDT specification for magnetic particle testing - ASTM E 1444. Portable MPI testing facilities include electromagnetic yokes, Prod type MPI equipments, short electrical coils for field general magnetic particle testing applications.

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