Saturday, April 13, 2013

Linear and Rounded indications in Liquid Penetant Inspection

  Liquid dye Penetrant testing facilities at 'Trinity NDT', Bangalore, India

  1. Specialized stationery type Liquid dye penetrant inspection equipments for Aerospace NDT applications
  2. Modern testing equipments perfectly equipped with S2, S3 sensitivity penetrants and Water washable, post Emulsifiable penetrants for high sensitivity applications
  3. High intensity black light kits for fluorescent inspection and demagnetizing equipments
  4. Liquid penetrant testing professionals are qualified and certified to PT Level I, II as per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A and or IS:13805 certified by Indian Society for Nondestructive testing (ISNT) and are approved by leading third party inspection authorities
  5. Experienced in house ASNT NDT Level III consultants and experts for providing techniques establishment, procedure preparation, approval and consultancy services.
  6. ASNT NDT Level III trainers for conducting in house or external NDT Level 1, 2 training and certification courses on Liquid dye penetrant testing and other NDT inspection methods. Read more about Liquid Penetrant Testing Personnel Certifications.
  7. Strong team of NDT Level 2 certified professionals to provide Liquid Penetrant testing services across India
  8. Sales and Supply of Dye penetrant inspection (DPT), penetrants, cleaners, solvents, developers and other consumables and accessories. Read more about sales of Liquid Penetrant inspectionchemicals and consumables

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