Friday, July 6, 2012

Workshop on "Process Capability-The Quality Route to Sustained Growth in Manufacturing"

Workshop on "Process Capability-The Quality Route to Sustained Growth in Manufacturing"
12-13 July 2012, IMTMA Technology Centre, Bangalore International Exhibition(BIEC), Bangalore

Companies are employing highly capable manufacturing processes, to achieve greater cost competitiveness and in their quest for achieving 'Zero Defect', are taking several proactive measures in controlling and maintaining their processes. Users of machine tools require that machines be not only reliable and productive also expect them to achieve a high degree of Process Capability with consistent precision and accuracy. During regular working of a machine, change in variables result in processes producing rejections. This is a major challenge for production engineers and a challenge that Production Engineers, Tool suppliers, Machine Tool builders & Maintenance Engineers must address jointly. There is a need to move from percentage defectives to PPM levels. This requires deployment of several quality tools across the company in all its operations and processes. It also requires a clear understanding of all factors and variables which affect quality.

Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (IMTMA) is organising a two day Workshop on "Process Capability - The Quality route to Sustained Growth in Manufacturing” on 12 - 13 July 2012 at Bangalore.


This workshop aims to help participants :
  • To familiarise and refresh basic concepts of process capability and understand the techniques in realizing and maintaining them.
  • Understand through a series of exercises the various aspects of process variance.
  • How to Plot, analyse and interpret control charts and take corrective actions.
  • How to use charts to control the process and thereby the quality of the product.
  • To carry out Gauge R & R study
  • Hands on Gauge R & R exercise 

This seminar will be conducted by Mr.Gautam Doshi, PRODUCTIVITY & QUALITY IMPROVEMENT SERVICES, Pune. Mr.Doshi is a B.Tech. (Mech) from IIT, Powai and an industry expert with over 25 years of experience in Machine Tool and Automotive industry. He has conducted several training programmes, seminars & workshops on machine tool related subjects. He is a consultant to reputed companies in the area of Productivity and Quality improvement and Adviser to many companies manufacturing automotive components and Dies & Moulds. Mr.Doshi is former Vice President & Technical Director, PMT Machine Tool Automatics Ltd., Pune and has also served in TELCO for over 5 years. He is the author of several IMTMA publications such as ‘First Time CNC’, Guidelines on Process Capability to name a few.


This workshop is targeted towards practicing engineers, supervisory personnel and middle management involved in the functions of Vendor Development, Design, Production, Application Engineering, Inspection, Machine try-out & Acceptance, Quality Assurance and other related functions from Machine Tool, Automobile & Auto Ancillaries, Tool Rooms, Defence, Railway units, General Engineering and Other Capital goods manufacturing industries.

For more information contact:

Ms. Mary George,  Email: or call tel:+91-80-66246512/6600

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