Saturday, January 7, 2012

Magnetic particle, Dye penetrant chemicals NDT Equipment for sale

'Trinity NDT' now has launched the facilities for sales, calibration and servicing of all types of NDT equipments, most significantly complete range of Magnetic particle equipments, yokes, stationary machines, consumables, test blocks and dye penetrant materials/chemicals supplies suitable for wide range of applications including  quality control inspection companies related to precision component manufacturing, fabrication weld joints inspections, automobile, pressure vessel, boiler components, aerospace components manufacturing, petroleum refineries and defense establishments.

The following is the brief list of NDT equipments, accessories and consumables available with Trinity NDT in India.
1. Liquid penetrant chemicals
a. Visible, fluorescent dye penetrant chemicals including water washable, solvent removable
b. Cleaners/solvent for liquid penetrant testing applications
c. Hydrophilic and lipophilic emulsifiers
d. Dry, wet developers
2. Equipment for dye/liquid penetrant inspection
3. Fluorescent dye penetrant systems as per customer specific requirements in automobile, aerospace, railways and other engineering applications
4. Complete range of liquid penetrant testing accessories meeting with both national and international standards
5. Ultraviolet(UV) lights for dye penetrant and magnetic particle testing applications
6. UV/light intensity meters
7. TAM panels
8. Nickel, chrome test panels
9. Aluminium comparator blocks
10. Ultraviolet light goggles for ndt applications
11. Miniscus test kits
12. Lint fee cloths
13. Magnetic particle testing powders suitable for ASME BPVC code confirming pressure vessel manufacturing industries & meeting the requirements of other international standards
14. White contrast paint for magnetic particle crack checking applications
15. Suppliers and dealers of complete range of magnetic particle inspection equipments, accessories, consumables including residual field indicators, pie gauges, centrifuge tubes, ketos rings, copper mesh pads for wet horizontal stationery type equipments, electromagnetic yokes, prods and coils
16. Calibration of yoke type, prod type, horizontal stationery type equipments, accessories including ammeters

For more details about complete range of ndt equipments, magnetic particle equipments, dye penetrant chemicals and other ndt accessories please mail your requirements to: or contact 'Sales Manager' on +91 98441 29439 / 99009 29439 / +91- 80- 283 66466

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