Friday, March 5, 2010

Inservice inspection - Crack detection by magnetic particle testing at Bangalore, India

Team 'Trinity NDT' carried out magnetic particle testing (inspection)-MPT for a rotary shaft during in-service inspection as a routine test in Bangalore, India. The part is offered for crack detection by magnetic particle testing. It is observed that the part contains clustered cracks of very high intensity in nature.

The same shaft is subjected to Ultrasonic testing (inspection) -UT and revealed severe piping flaws inside. The depth of flaws are estimated by Ultrasonic testing - UT and found to be around 45mm from the surface.

Team 'Trinity NDT' personnel performed the above tests within the shortest possible time and helped the process plant to take up the production within minutes after replacing with new shaft.

Trinity NDT is an inspection services providing company in India and providing inspection services in Ultrasonic flaw detection, magnetic particle testing, dye penetrant testing, radiographic testing/radiography, thickness gauging, material testing services and conducting level 1, 2 training and certification courses through 'Trinity Institute of NDT Technology' all over India. For more information about the professional, reliable, timely and expert solutions, services please visit: or call +91 99009 29439 / 98441 29439

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