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International seminar on forming technology,Bangalore,India, 2010

India is fast emerging as a global hub for manufacturing. This means that the manufacturing industry must gear up to meet the demands of producing high-quality, technologically advanced and cost-competitive products. We cannot be content with being low-cost suppliers but must be leaders in technology and quality as well. For this, we have to question traditional manufacturing concepts and practices. Are we using the best processes, latest materials, methods to produce today’s complex parts that will make us competitive leaders in manufacturing?

Indian industries’ requirements are also changing. With more high tech industries in automotive, consumer durable and strategic sectors, the latest manufacturing technologies are finding application. New materials call for the latest processes to give shape to components in metal, plastics, composites, ceramics etc.

Coinciding with IMTEX FORMING 2010 exhibition, IMTMA is organising a one day International Seminar on Forming Technology focusing on metal forming, poly forming and future forming.

The International seminar on Forming Technology has been specifically designed to address the latest trends, developments and research in forming technology and showcase new materials, new technologies and processes.

Metals : The seminar will present the latest development in forming metals, including green manufacturing. Hydro forming, forging and servo driven presses are important technologies covered.

Polymers : As the application of engineering plastics expands rapidly, one stream is devoted to the developments in polymer technology and processing of plastic components. An important subject covered is energy saving in plastic moulding machines.

Future : Demand from advanced, especially strategic sectors for working new materials and component requirements has led to the development of futuristic forming technologies. These are presented in the stream on future form.

The international seminar will bring together the forming technology fraternity on a common platform to discuss related issues. It also hosts a B2B meet for technology and commercial exchange between companies, users and providers of forming technology.

Speakers are drawn from leading international companies like AMADA, SCHULER, US MIM etc, international research institutions like Fraunhofer (Germany) and Indian research institutes like NAL & BARC. They will present the latest developments in metal forming technology. Speakers from top companies like BAYER, BASF, DuPont will share their vast experience and knowledge in developments on polymers and plastics processing. Exciting new technologies such as magnetic pulse forming, shape memory alloys, composites etc will be presented by speakers working in the development of these technologies. These are the technologies of the future – and delegates will get an opportunity to talk to the developers to open up application possibilities.

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