Saturday, October 10, 2009

Careers/jobs and opportunities in Nondestructive Testing NDT - Bangalore India

Nondestructive testing - NDT is a growing, high tech, exciting career field, filled with opportunities and that too are increasing day by day.

Nondestructive Evalutation or NDT is vital for constructing and maintaining all types of components and structures. To detect different defects such as cracking and corrosion, there are different methods of testing available, such as X-ray (where cracks show up on the film) and ultrasonic testing/Ultrasonic Flaw Detection called as UT, Magnetic Particle testing called as MPT or MPI, Liquid/dye penetrant testing called as DPT/DPI.

This article is aimed mainly at industrial NDT, but many of the methods described here can be used to test the human body. In fact methods from the medical field have often been adapted for industrial use, as was the case with Phased array ultrasonics and Computed radiography.


*Pressure vessel manufacturing

* Aircraft and Aerospace

*Power generation and utilities

*Chemical and Petrochemical

*Bridge and Building fabrication / erection

*Independent testing laboratories

*Electronics and Microelectronics

*Defense and Military

*General manufacturing companies

*Historical renovation

*Infrastructure construction and maintenance

* In-service inspection (NDT) of all engineering components

Opportunities are wide because of quality consciousness among customers for better products.

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